The Bayard Group employs 1,400 people in France, 550 people elsewhere in the world, nearly 700 freelance journalists and more than 5,000 authors, resulting in a creative international network.

Working at Bayard is joining a network made up of teams of journalists, publishers, designers of paper-based, digital and audio-visual content, and marketing, management and sales networks. Bayard reaches 36 million readers throughout the world, 5 million of which are subscribers.

Today, Bayard has 120 press titles, 70 of which are in France, 5,500 books in the catalogues of its publishing houses, and publishes more than 800 new books every year. Bayard has more than 200 websites, apps, blogs, online stores and several YouTube channels. Additionally, it provides services to professionals (advertising consulting, sales of rights, subcontracted publishing), and has an established audio-visual production activity (film animation, podcasts, radio and music).

Bayard has international sites because of its subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, and also due to important partnerships (joint book publications and press licences). Bayard has a strong regional presence in France, mainly because of its sales networks in the field and its Bayard Service (subcontracted publishing) locations.

Bayard pursues an active policy in favor of professional equality. In 2022, the professional equality index of Bayard SA, the group’s parent company, is 99/100.

For each of the components of the index, the scores obtained are as follows:

  • The gender pay gap: 39/40 ;
  • The gender pay gap: 39/40; The gender pay gap for individual raises: 20/20;
  • The distribution gap for promotions: 15/15;
  • The number of female employees receiving a raise upon return from maternity leave: 15/15;
  • Parity among the 10 highest paid employees: 10/10.