Bayard Média Développement

Bayard Média Développement has been Bayard Group’s advertising subsidiary for 10 years. Its positioning as an integrated consulting company, since the beginning of 2018, engages all teams alongside their clients and partners, media and advertising agencies.Through its expertise in audience planning, context planning and strategic planning, Bayard Média Développement can cover all brand communication issues, thanks to its ability to offer solutions: from cross-channel & digital operations to classic advertising, from data-addressed communication to qualified recruitment, from content creation to proximity animation. Bayard Média Développement can provide effective support for all issues aimed at targets from 0 to infinity, and more particularly at targets aged 45 and over, young people under 18, families and opinion leaders from the CSP+ bracket.

Bayard Média Développement advises its clients and partners about subjects related to reputation, attraction, recruitment, loyalty schemes and development programmes with clients and potential clients on a daily basis. Its expert opinion is based on the qualities of Bayard Group’s creation(s) and studies, as well as the knowledge known about clients in the children’s market, the parent market and the over-45s market.

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Bayard Média Développement
18 rue Barbès – 92128 Montrouge cedex
Phone 01 74 31 65 90 – Fax : 01 74 31 60 03

Managing director: Sibylle Le Maire
Deputy managing director: Fabienne Marquet
Marketing and data director: Yvonne Herbin

Bayard Service – Subcontracted publishing

The aim of Bayard Service, a Bayard subsidiary, is to assist Christian communities, educational institutions and the associative world. It provides its clients and partners with a personal service, helping them to create their media communication tools : press, publishing, digital, visual identity, advices, collecting campaigns, donations and bequests. Bayard Service also has an advertising department which allows it to finance all or part of these projects due to local or specialised advertising.

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Diction générale: Cédric Bloquet

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