Our Raison d’Être

Through a thousand looks, a thousand sensibilities, the Catholic publications group, Bayard, wants to welcome and accompany all the people at every moment of life. Together, we wish to be fully present in our world. Help each and every one feel connected to themselves and the others.

We are committed to the common good and we give a particular importance to a nature-conscious way of life, caring for future generations. We believe in the liberating power of accurate information, imagination and creativity, which nourish the soul and enrich our lives.

Let’s create fruitful connections !

Reading as a refuge

Opening up to the world and to life through reading

There are so many different reasons for reading: to understand the world and feel at ease with it; to discover other people and live together in harmony; to stimulate the desire to grow and to take action; to use one’s imagination, to laugh and play; and simply to feel alive! Never before has it been so important to read in order to take part in the society of the future. Bayard is committed to helping both children and adults to discover the pleasure of reading and understanding, a pleasure which will accompany them throughout their lives. Reading is an instrument of freedom from a very early age. Together with writing, it is a wonderful way of structuring one’s thoughts and discovering one’s imagination.

Bayard built its foundations on the written press and books, but today the Group is taking advantage of synergy and partnerships with completely new means of communication, including digital, audio-visual and event-driven communication. But this does not mean that it is abandoning its independence, lowering its standards for quality, or renouncing its uniqueness. Digital technology, which is a source of great concern, and justifiably so, is a new field of discovery and learning like any other, as long as its use can be harnessed, and its contents adapted. Bayard’s digital activities are not a substitute for paper operations: they offer new experiences with the same end goal of lifelong development and learning.

Putting events
into words

Informing, enlightening and discussing

It was journalists, editors, authors, creators and even readers who started Bayard’s publications. It is this coming together of abilities, skills, individual contributions and company convictions which forge the words and images which involve our readers and shed light on current events. This is even more so the case today when any subject seems to be news-worthy, and people obtain information and circulate it at great speed. In such circumstances, Bayard sets itself the standard of providing reliable and credible information, and reinvigorating and encouraging discussion.

In a society which is constantly changing, Bayard’s main aim is to speak with people who in turn can broadcast the best the world has to offer.

Forever responsible for this world

Thinking, taking action and transforming the world

Because of the speed and complexity of global information in today’s world, the professions of journalism and editing are increasingly vulnerable. Nonetheless, Bayard is conscious of its responsibility, and reconfirms the media’s key role in helping the common good. In the context of deep-rooted change in the world, linked to ecological questions, Bayard is more determined than ever to play its part, and to encourage people to question their consciences, change course and take on the huge challenge facing us on a human level for the sake of future generations.

Because today’s children are tomorrow’s adults, at Bayard we think it is crucial to inform and to raise awareness in order to preserve our planet. However, young generations alone should not and cannot carry this weight on their shoulders. Unless we are able to mobilise everyone at once, it will be impossible meet the challenge with which humanity is confronted, notably to limit global warming and to enable everyone to adapt to the new conditions. Pope Francis’ encyclical on the protection of nature, Laudato si’ (‘Praise be to you’), reminds us of the importance accorded to human ecology which is a comprehensive ecology.

All under the same roof

Living together, facing each other, forging a new identity

At Bayard, no client and no market is an island. Managing to coexist in the same company or in the same Group with extremely diverse publications and cultural propositions adds colour. The mere coexistence of each of the company’s activities, different media channels and respective clients is enough to modify slightly all the others.

A magazine for retired readers does not have the same connotation in a Group which also publishes magazines for children, and vice versa. The presence of a daily newspaper changes a company’s entire editorial landscape. Similarly, our book publications help to prolong demand for our press titles, and vice versa. The opportunities provided by the digital sector put pressure on our publications and force them to ‘update’ themselves and adapt to new habits. What is true for editorial concepts is also true for the diversity of professions carried out within the Group.

Bayard assumes the diverse nature of the Group’s activities. This diversity shapes us and pushes us to constantly reinvent ourselves. What is true at Bayard is also true for all of society. As the writer Frédéric Boyer wrote, ‘sharing the same sun is accepting to be in a public space where we can share who we are but also who we are not, compared to everyone else’. It is not simply a question of coexisting, often by indifference or even with distrust, but, as the philosopher Pierre Manent wrote, ‘setting ourselves the goal of friendship’.

Read the 10 ‘Intentions’. These are ten written texts describing the paths which Bayard has taken, outlining its beginnings and growth, and explaining how the company intends to continue its aim in today’s society (texts in French).