Bayard is a limited company with a board of directors and a supervisory board.

Bayard’s sole shareholder, the Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption, has ensured the company’s freedom, stability and independence since 1873.

Board of Directors

Pascal Ruffenach,, president of the board of directors, managing director
André Antoni, managing director
Florence Guémy, managing director
Alain Augé, managing director

Deputy managing directors

Nathalie Becht, director of Bayard Jeunesse department (Press, Publishing, Web, Audiovisual)
Muriel Huot financial director
Jean-Marie Montel, director of the ‘Society, Family, Spirituality’ department, assistant director.

General secretariat

Sabine Madeleine, general secretary and legal director

Supervisory board

Members of the supervisory board:
Hubert Chicou, president
Brother Milad Yacoub, vice-president, Assumptionist, assistant to the Provincial (Europe) of the Augustinians of the Assumption, Provincial Treasurer
Father Vincent Cabanac, Assumptionist
Father Benoït Bigard, Assumptionist, Provincial (Europe) of the Augustinians of the Assumption
Sister Zoé Vandermersch, Oblate of the Assumption
François Morinière, president of the board of directors of Labruyère Group
Mme Véronique Fayet, president of Secours Catholique – Caritas France
Mme Thérèse Lebrun, president-delegate rector of Lille Catholic University
Christian Lamolinerie, corporate director
Mme Dominique Quinio, president of ‘Semaines sociales de France’
Mme Véronique Bouscayrol, Treasurer of the Diocese of Lyon

Bruno Frappat, Honorary Chairman of Bayard Group.


Bayard Jeunesse (Press, Publishing, Web, Audiovisual)

Nathalie Becht

Press (children under 12)
Delphine Saulière

Press (children over 12)
David Groison

Bayard Éditions
Florence Lotthé
Louis-Pascal Desforges

Damien Giard

Brand Development
Corinne Vorms

Sales Networks
Maud Lutinier
Fabienne Boucot

Milan (Press, Publishing)

Milan Presse
Marie-Anne Denis

Éditions Milan
Louis-Pascal Desforges

Presse Nature et Territoires
Eric de Kermel (+RSE)

Customer Marketing (Bayard et Milan)

Sylvie Dessalles


International Rights

Emmanuelle Marie


La Croix

Guillaume Goubert
Florence Couret
Arnaud Broustet
La Croix l’Hebdo
Anne Ponce


Senior Magazine Pole

Emmanuelle Delapierre


Audience Pole

Sibylle Le Maire
Cédric Naux


Society Family Spirituality

Jean-Marie Montel
Emmanuelle Delapierre
Le Pèlerin
Samuel Lieven

Religious publications, Catechism, Music
Emmanuelle Delapierre


Customer Marketing (La Croix, Notre Temps et publications religieuses)

Emmanuelle Delapierre
Aurore Bertrand



Anne-Sophie Jouanneau


Transverse Departments

Finance Department
Muriel Huot

HR Department
Gildas Niget

Development, Corporate Responsibility, and Internal Communication Department
Violaine Chaurand

Web and Digital transition Department
Philippe Colombet(& Direction des Systèmes d’Information)

Operations and Purchases Department and Single-Issue Sales Departments
Nicolas Mathieu (DOA-VAN)
Stéphane Rouxel (Fabrication-Logistique)

IT System Deparment
Vincent Blachier

Customer Experience Department
Catherine Veillet-Michelet

Legal Department
Sabine Madeleine (& Secrétariat général)

Diversification Executive Department
Sibylle Le Maire

Bayard Media Développement
Sibylle Le Maire
Fabienne Marquet



Laurence Festraets (Senior Publications – Belgique)
Harry Gentges (Belgomédia – Belgique)
Dirk Oeyen (Senior Publications – Pays-Bas)
Horst Ohligschlaeger (Bayard Media Virwaltung – Allemagne)
Christophe Mauratille (Bayard Presse – Belgique ; Sailer – Allemagne)
Emmanuel du Boisbaudry (Bayard Revistas – Espagne)
North America (Canada et États-Unis)
Jean-Marie Montel
Hugues de Foucauld
Pierre Langlois (Religieux)
Christophe Mauratille (Jeunesse)