The webiste belongs to Bayard Presse. Limited company with a board of directors and a supervisory board and share capital of 16.5 million Euros
RCS Nanterre : 542 042 486
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Registered office: 18 rue Barbès, 92120 Montrouge, France
Tel: + 33 (0)1 74 31 60 60

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President and director of the publication: Pascal Ruffenach

Bayard Presse, a press publisher, is a limited company with a board of directors and a supervisory board. The members of the board of directors are Pascal Ruffenach (President of the board of directors and director of the publication), André Antoni, Alain Augé and Florence Guémy (managing directors). The supervisory board which, in accordance with the law, is responsible for exercising permanent control of management of the Bayard Presse company by means of the board of directors, is chaired by Hubert Chicou. The Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption holds 93.7% of the Bayard Presse share capital.

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Bayard Presse
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Tél : +33 (0)1 74 31 60 60