Selection of vacations and leisure activities for families with children

Vacations are an important time to recharge your batteries as a family, after the rush of the school year. Now you can extend the experience of reading together as a family, and the beautiful memories it leaves behind, thanks to a selection of trips and activities offered by Bayard Jeunesse! Each proposal is based on the editorial project of one of Bayard Jeunesse’s magazines, with a partner selected by them.

Escape games


Anatole Latuile

Anatole Latuile, the hero of J’aime lire and the albums published by BD Kids, has had his own escape game room since 2020. An experience for both the initiated and the uninitiated.
Anatole, 9, makes one blunder after another at a furious pace. Somewhere between Petit Nicolas and Gaston Lagaffe, his boisterous, inventive and transgressive universe appeals to young and old alike. This game is for anyone who loves comics, humor and impertinence.

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Tom-Tom et Nana

Based on the iconic comic strip, this escape game allows today’s children to (re)discover the whimsical world of Tom-Tom and Nana, while giving older children the nostalgic pleasure of returning to childhood. A thrilling adventure for the whole family… or just the grown-ups!

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Meet the Greek gods and heroes, travel to the Middle Ages, discover Iceland, themed holidays… Bayard Jeunesse offers a range of school vacation trips for children, camps and families!

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Terre Sauvage Festival

In 2021, Terre sauvage and its partners set themselves a challenge as crazy as it is exhilarating: the creation of a multi-disciplinary festival that would bring together those who share a passion for nature and marvel at its beauty. It takes place every 2 years in Névache, in the heart of the Clarée valley.

With exhibitions, film screenings, shows, conferences, concerts and a host of workshops for young and old, the Terre Sauvage Festival offers a wide-ranging and beautiful program that will move bodies and minds alike, while respecting the magnificent natural setting offered by the Clarée valley!

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Via Aeterna – Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay Music Festival

In partnership with the Conseil départemental de la Manche, the Centre des monuments nationaux and René Martin’s CREA (the mastermind behind La Folle Journée de Nantes and artistic director of the festival), Bayard created the Mont-Saint-Michel and Bay Music Festival in 2017. Ensembles whose music traces the history of the site, from the Middle Ages to the present day, come from all over the world for this event.

The festival (September) takes place over the first three days in twelve towns in the Manche region: Avranches, Ardevon, Bréville-sur-Mer, Carolles, Fleury, Genêts, Granville, La Lucerne d’Outremer, Mortain-Bocage, Pontorson , Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Villedieu-les-Poêles-Rouffigny. It closes with a musical apotheosis in the exceptional setting of Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, which opens its doors to the festival for an entire day of music.

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©Crédit photo : CIRIC – Jean-Matthieu Gautier

Grand prix Pèlerin du patrimoine


Churches, paintings, monuments, murals… Since 1990, the Grand prix Pèlerin du patrimoine has rewarded nearly 250 projects, spread over some twenty regions, and facilitated the professional installation of a host of young restorers and craftsmen. The aim of the competition is to encourage and support the restoration of France’s cultural and religious heritage.

“Heritage is living matter. Tin pipes, fresco pigments and church flagstones tell human stories. In the heart of the stones beats much of our own. To neglect the value of the past, to let its memory fade, is to run the risk of extinguishing ourselves too. Conversely, saving a work of art from oblivion connects us and invigorates us.” Catherine Lalanne, editor-in-chief of Le Pèlerin.

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Les Héros de Notre Temps


In 2011, Notre Temps created the “Héros de Notre Temps” award, which each year recognizes five associations and one innovative company from the silver economy.
Made up of former prizewinners and journalists from the editorial team, the jury spotlights committed, humanist associations that are recognized in their field, but often little known to the general public. With limited means, but a great deal of passion, these men and women change lives. They are the ordinary heroes that Notre Temps likes to support and reward. Aimed at all generations and in a variety of fields, their actions are likely to inspire readers to take action.