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La Croix, a national daily newspaper since 1883, reports on current events, combining information with beliefs, and, in presenting the news, is optimistic about mankind and events. There are five main news sections in La Croix: France – World – Economy – Religion – Culture. La Croix also has a website and a content-rich app which provide constantly updated news throughout the day, and are enhanced by multimedia elements (computer graphics, videos, podcasts, etc.).

La Croix is also :

  • A weekly magazine, La Croix L’Hebdo, available every Friday.
  • La Croix International, religious news in English, La Croix in Spanish, and La Croix Africa, the website for religious news in Africa (in French).
  • Event-driven and cultural partnerships, travel organisation, coverage of important events, etc.
  • Many podcasts.

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Magazine press

La Croix l’Hebdo : understand, really

Rooted in the fundamentals of La Croix (information of quality and hope), this weekly magazine offers a peaceful space in the flow of the events, to understand the stakes of the world and question how we build it.

La Croix l’Hebdo is a newspaper of convictions but not a closed space for ready-made opinions. A space for debate, for conversation and sharing experiences. In this spirit, La Croix l’Hebdo is a newspaper for the road.

Le Pèlerin: current events with a human face

Le Pèlerin is a magazine which offers optimistic and constructive points of view, suggesting solutions in a humanist, free tone with a Christian perspective. It has its roots in France’s regions, and enjoys the proximity with its readers: Le Pèlerin federates them as much as it informs them. With journalists in the field, Le Pèlerin provides keys to understanding the news in depth. It is not only a magazine; it is also a reading experience. The magazine has four detachable sections: pilgrim walkers; enthusiasts about history and heritage; Christians and those seeking meaning; and finally, those who are active in our cities, villages and regions to make the world a better place in which to live.

Prions en Église: prayers for every day of the month

The monthly issue of Prions en Église is the opportunity for Christians to be fulfilled daily by the words of the Lord, and to deepen their understanding of texts from the Bible in order to pray better. Its holy readings every Sunday, its selection of beautiful prayers, and the Ordinary of the Mass all help the reader to follow and fully experience the liturgy.

And  Le Monde de la Bible, Prions en Église Junior, as well as its reviews Études and Christus published with SER (Société d’Édition de Revues).

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Notre Temps, Notre Temps Jeux and Notre Temps Santé et Bien-Être

Notre Temps, the leading French monthly publication*, was launched in 1968. Every month, it provides a wealth of essential information in order to enjoy a dynamic and fulfilling retirement fully. Its website, notretemps.com, and the paper magazine version bring together 4.8 million loyal Internet users and readers every month. Notre Temps creates and publishes special issues on specific themes (such as ‘Retirement and Pension plans’ and ‘Inheritance and Succession’); practical special issues (Guides to retirement, Guides to online administrative procedures, The Essentials collection); a monthly magazine with games, Notre Temps Jeux; an annual Almanac; and publishes Les Années-Mémoire (books about keys events in a specific year). Notre Temps also launched Notre Temps Santé et Bien-Être in 2021, a quarterly that accompanies men and women 55+ who want to preserve their health and stay in shape.

Notre Temps reflects Bayard’s strong commitment to society and its attachment to a community of loyal readers with dedicated services: the le Prix des Héros prize highlights the work of various groups and associations; Viens je t’emmène encourages solidarity between generations and campaigns against the isolation of the elderly; and the ‘Prix des Lecteurs’ (‘Readers’ Prize’) awards the very first novel of an author over the age of 50. The magazine also offers cruises and trips organised by the Rivages du monde travel agency. Finally, Notre Temps created the ‘Fair for the Retired’, the largest public fair for the over-50s, which welcomes more than 40,000 visitors every year.

*All monthly publications sold on newsstands.

Websites to go with all the stages of life

The Notretemps.com website is visited each month by more than 2 million readers who come to learn about health news, look for practical advice on how to prepare for retirement, stay in shape, eat healthy and enjoy life. Notretemps.com is also a daily companion with its hundreds of crossword puzzles, quizzes, tests and memory games. Its newsletter, designed with the greatest care by the editorial experts, feeds the insatiable curiosity of its readers. It is sent 4 times a week to over 500,000 subscribers.

Enfant.com is a goldmine of information and advice from specialists for future and young parents.

Education, health, hobbies, cooking… Notrefamille.com is the website that supports parents on a daily basis.

Notre Temps website
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Milan Nature et territoires

Milan Nature et Territoires (magazines about nature, travel and regions) publishes Terre Sauvage,  Alpes Magazine, Pyrénées Magazine, Bretagne Magazine, Destination  and  Partir en France. These magazines show the wealth and diversity of natural, cultural, historic and contemporary landscapes, and intend to encourage the reader to respect and feel responsibility towards guaranteeing a balanced and sustainable relationship between mankind and the environment. A podcast by Terre Sauvage is also available on all listening platforms.

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Children’s publications

There is a magazine for every age! In France, Bayard Jeunesse and Milan have more than 40 magazines for readers between 1 and 18 years old (10 million young readers every month and 1.3 million subscribers in France). There are magazines to arouse our imagination, to make us laugh, to help us to understand, and to make us think. And, also, magazines which grow with their readers, from child to teenager, every day of our lives, helping us to mature by giving us a passion for reading, an appetite to understand, and a thirst to get to know the world around us. In another format but still with the same goals, Bayard Jeunesse and Milan offer a wide selection of podcasts!

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International press

Bayard is a publishing reference for European children’s publications in Spain (Bayard Revistas), Germany (Sailer), and Belgium (Bayard & Milan).

The Bayard Group is also established:

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