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Bayard Récits
Bayard Récits was born of a desire to combine a passion for information with a passion for telling stories. In Bayard Récits, talented authors tell the real story with a unique perspective on society. This new collection is part of the “narrative non-fiction” genre, at the crossroads between journalism and literature, document and novel.

The first three titles published in April 2023 are written by journalists and novelists who take readers into fascinating worlds, from the French police to the cosmopolitan city of Beirut, via the path of exile from Iran.

Bayard Graphic’
The aim of this collection is to highlight graphic novels for an adult readership that is both curious about the world and sensitive to drawn writing, whether journalistic or more literary.

With its first two titles, published in March 2023, Bayard Graphic’ spotlights emblematic female figures in art and pop music. Their authors are journalists and illustrators who know how to “write reality” and stage it with accuracy, poetry and sensitivity.

Littérature intérieure
The ambition of the Littérature intérieure collection is to offer texts that explore a crucial question (life moment, particular situation, belief, experience, obsessions, etc.) that “ultimately preoccupies” its author, without resorting to a theoretical essay. The idea is to give priority to a first-person literary narrative that relates a lived experience to a concrete event, to a particular awareness, or more simply to an existential, spiritual or personal journey.

What we call “interior literature” focuses on the great (or not so great) moments of human existence, which it seeks to approach, to touch upon, to render in words in an attempt to better understand them, to keep track of them, to draw from them, to nourish oneself from them.

The first two publications will appear in October 2023.

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Éditions CRER-Bayard (Spiritual awakening, catechism, religious culture)

Spiritual awakening for young children, catechism, religious culture, contemplation, training and in-depth study: Éditions CRER-Bayard offers the best books about proclaiming and deepening one’s faith to everyone, regardless of age, by working closely with those actively involved in parish life, schools and dioceses.

Éditions CRER-Bayard website.


Children’s book

Bayard Éditions Jeunesse


Logo Bayard Jeunesse

Bayard Éditions publishes more than 400 new books for children every year. These include large format books, books for toddlers, factual books, fiction and literature, and comic strips. The diversity of the catalogue, its collections and well-known successes (including Petit Ours Brun, J’aime lire, Tom-Tom et Nana, Chair de poule, La cabane magique, L’Héritage, Miss Peregrine, Le Manoir, and mythology sagas) illustrate Bayard’s commitment to reading and remaining accessible to all readers by publishing the best children’s literature available, either in paper form or digitally.

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Éditions Tourbillon

Éditions Tourbillon was created in 2002 and bought by the Bayard Group in 2017. It completes Bayard’s catalogue for very young readers, introducing them to factual books and humour, favouring books where children play an active part and where children are often the central characters in the books. Tourbillon puts emphasis on poetry, imagination, and the awakening of the aesthetic senses. Its books range from fabric books for toddlers to comics for older children. Tourbillon has made the choice of clear and varied editorial categories to appeal to all young age groups.

Éditions Tourbillon website.

BD KIDS Label (Bayard and Milan)

The BD KIDS collection was launched in March 2011. It quickly became a great success with its readers (7 to 13-year-olds), largely because of several of its very popular series, such as Ariol, Anatole Latuile, Avni, Émilie et Margot and La Cantoche, as well as other characters from magazines published by Bayard and Milan. In 2016, Mini BD KIDS joined BD KIDS, adding comic strips for toddlers (3 years and up) to the offer. Today, BD KIDS publishes about fifty new books every year, and has a catalogue with 150 titles.

BD Kids website.

The Bande d’ados label

The result of a collaboration between Bayard and Milan, the Bande d’ados label was born out of a desire to create a collection for older comic book readers than those of BD Kids, for their older brother or sister, for readers who have grown up.

With a launch date at the Angoulême Festival in January 2022, Bande d’ados is aimed at middle-schoolers and offers an eclectic catalog to satisfy all reading tastes: series and graphic novels, adventure comics, adaptations, creations and translations… The editorial ambition of this new label is to appeal to all teenagers, featuring heroes of their own age and remaining open to all genres.

To launch the “Bande d’ados” label, the teams have created the “Première BD Bande d’ados” prize, aimed at young authors and illustrators who have not yet been published..

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Bayard Jeux

Bayard Jeux was launched in 2017. It provides a range of games which are inspired by Bayard, Milan and Tourbillon publications, including fun, easy, educational board games (such as lotto, puzzles, and memory games). Bayard Jeux is as demanding about the quality of its objects (their appearance and manufacture) as it is about its paper-based products. These games enable children to develop their skills and spend quality family time. The Bayard authors, designers and illustrators have made full use of their imaginations to open up new horizons to children.

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Éditions Milan

Milan publishes innovative books for all ages. It has a catalogue of approximately 300 new publications every year which include emblematic collections of factual and reading books. Éditions Milan has books for young children: touch-and-feel books (“Contes et comptines à toucher”), large picture books, learning-to-read books, and activity books (“Copain”, “Contes et comptines à écouter”, “Mes P’tits docs”, “Mes p’tits contes”, “Milan Poche Benjamin”, “Mille ans de contes”). It also has books for older children (“Les Goûters philo”) and teenagers, including novels which have become ‘must-haves’, such as the Gemmes trilogy, and books written by Malorie Blackman, Joëlle Charbonneau and Leigh Bardugo. There is an array of publications for children to discover and understand, and simply to let their imaginations run wild !

Éditions Milan website.



Histoire de jeunesse

“Histoires de jeunesse” is the podcast dedicated to authors of children’s literature to bring listeners behind the scenes of writing and creation. Stories for young people arouse emotions, allow us to identify with heroes, make us think about others and ourselves and discover the pleasure of reading. Yet, a mystery remains: where do these stories come from? How did they make their way into the imagination of their authors? Were they born from a revolt, an emotion, a reading, a song?

In this podcast, the most important authors of children’s publishing open their doors to us and tell us the most exciting story of creation. General public or children’s literature lovers, booksellers, librarians or teachers, all will enjoy sharing these emotions.

This podcast is available on the first Thursday of each month.


In China, in 2017, Bayard and Trustbridge Global Media created Bayard Bridge, based in Beijing. The publishing house produces about one hundred titles for 2 to 12-year-olds as well as apps from the Bayard, Milan and Tourbillon catalogues.

In North America, Bayard is in the religious publications market due to its two well-known publishing houses, Novalis in Canada, and Twenty-third Publication in the US. It is also present in the children’s publication market in Canada because of its subsidiary Bayard Canada Livres. Finally, in the US, the large, illustrated Tourbillon books are published under the label Twirl, in partnership with Chronicle Books.

As well as its publishing houses outside France, Bayard created a number of partnerships with leading companies in the book industry, and has 1.2 million works printed as joint international publications, as well as numerous press licences.



Sales of rights (press and publications)

As well as its publishing houses in the US, Canada and China, and its North American label Twirl, Bayard has various catalogues which exist in nearly 50 countries having been translated into more than 50 languages. Bayard is represented at well-known international book fairs such as Frankfurt, Bologna and Shanghai. With more than 1.2 million jointly published books, Bayard has made a number of partnerships in different countries in the book, press, and digital sectors.

Our most important partners are Chronicle Books (US), Planeta (Spain), Panini (Italy), Woongjin (Korea), WPG (Belgium), Editorial Casals (Spain), Il castello (Italy), Ediciones SM (Spain), Shogakukan (Japan), Ronshin Group (China), Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House (China), and AST (Russia).

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