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An Overview

Sponsorship and Partnership : the goal of Bayard

Since its creation, Bayard has carried a purpose that goes further than that of a successful media firm. Bayard clearly places the reader at the heart of its activities enjoying with him/her a deep bond. Bayard has always endeavoured to lead the men and women of the time towards a more just and liveable world, where children can find their place within a family and society, for the recognition of the added value that seniors can bring to society ; in short, that reading, be it print or screen, keeps making one grow. Our sponsorship activity and the partnerships that we foster with the different players of society are a reflection of our convictions :

  • Facilitating Africa's access to quality press is a goal Bayard has set via the Planète Programme.
  • Defending Journalism of Quality of Conviction. We believe it is essential for us, an independent Christian press group. This is why we support La Maison des journalistes (The house of journalism) and organise each year the Young journalist's and graphic designer's awards.
  • We are commited to making this world a better place, through our editorial content, as well as our economic structure. This is vital for our common future. The Bayard Group, with the Terre Sauvage (Milan Publishing), launched France's first FĂŞte de la Nature (Nature Day) in 2007. This day was imagined by nature lovers to give everyone the thrills of discovering or rediscovering nature's riches as well as renewing strong links with our environment.