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Magazines in France

Enfant Magazine - All you need to know on your pregnancy, toddler and child
Monthly created in 1976
Acquired by Bayard in 1992
New formula as of February-March 2012
Broadcast (2007) : 177 108 copies
Head of Parenting section : Carole Renucci
Chief Editor :
Carole Renucci

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Pèlerin - The weekly on daily life
Weekly news magazine created in 1873
Broadcast (2007) : 267 46 copies
Chief Editors : Antoine d'Abbundo, Catherine Lalanne

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Panorama - Finding God
Monthly created in 1957
Broadcast (from the publisher) : 62 365 copies
Managing Editor : Christophe Chaland
Alive, concrete and practical, Panorama is a space for spiritual nourishment and challenges one to live the Gospel every day. This magazine decrypts the sings of our complex world and invites you on an internal adventure. Every month readers will find, an great interview, an investigation, a renowned signature, and of course some spiritual space.

Find Panorama on www.croire.com
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