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Nature and territories

In 1989, Milan Publishing launched the first 'Territory' magazine on a national scale, Pyrénées Magazine. This high end bimonthly is the result of in depth work on the past present and future of the Pyrenees. The magazine offers an in-depth approach on a vibrant culture, revealing diversity and riches.

On the same journalistic principle, bringing together quality reporting as well as quality photo and investigative journalism, Milan Publishing then created, Alpes Magazine (Alps), Méditerranée Magazine (Mediteranean coast), Bretagne Magazine (Brittany), Histoire et patrimoine (History and legacy), Rando Pyrénées (Hiking in the Pyrénées).

Many special issues, and annual themes have enriched these magazines, along with each magazine's website that reach out even further.

Alpes magazine Bretagne magazine Pays Basque Magazine Pyrénées Magazine

In 2006, the Bayard Group continued its development in the publishing of Nature et Territoires creating a department that brings toget all of the 'Territory Magazines' published by Milan and Bayard's magazine Terre Sauvage.

Terre SauvageTerre Sauvage (Wild World) brings the necessary keys to fathom the great natural balances as well as showing the reader impressive preserved areas of our planet. Each month, this magazine offers observations on both plant and animal wildlife, rich indicators of human nature. Faced with wildlife, scientific expeditions or meeting new peoples, Terre Sauvage offers journeys to both far away places or a nearby escapade.