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Bayard Jeunesse

Lively, friendly and constructive, the magazines, books and caracters of Bayard Jeunesse are designed for readers from toddlers to young adults, helping them to mature and gain self-confidence while nurturing the joy of reading, the thirst of understanding and desire to know more about the world. Readers form close lies with teams of journalists, graphic artists; writers, illustrators, photographers and webmasters. Their goal is to dialog with them, surprise them and accompany them through the important stages of their lives.

Bayard Jeunesse is present in Canada, Asia, Africa with 45 different titles.

  • 25 magazines
  • 6 milion readers

Our leading trade marks :

Pomme d'Api, the Pre-schoolers' magazine
Over 800,000 readers
12 international editions (Netherlands, Spain, Canada, China, etc.)
Collections of books and albums

J'aime Lire, the readers' magazine
2,250,000 readers (France)
5 international editions
Number one in France for under-20 magazines
Book collections

Phosphore, for the 15-25 age group
800,000 readers
www.phosphore.com, studies and orientation site
Guide collections

I Love English, to learn English
470,000 readers
3 international editions (German, Spanish, Chinese)
www.todayiloveenglish.com, the web portal/gate

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