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Senior Expert

Head : Hervé Sauzay
Senior Expert Officer in Charge : Marie-Anne Denis

Created in October 2006 within the Generations and Lifestyles department. This department publishes among others Notre Temps and Vivre Plus. Senior Expert has consulting and publishing activities specialised in everything that touches Seniors and retired life.

Senior Expert aims to design, make and sell both electronic and hard versions of magazines guidebooks, books CDs and DVDs for partner organisations (firms, societies, local councils, etc.) that work with Seniors.

Senior Expert also publishes the special issues of the Generations and Lifestyles department, notably the Notre Temps travel guides.

Senior Expert's clients are mainly players in the retired sector. Today however, many new customers are attracted by Bayard's know-how, especially with local councils, public offices and firms that know little about retired life.

With the added expertise of the Bayard group, Senior Expert offers studies, recomendations and training seminars for executives searching for tools to communicate exclusively with seniors.

Senior Expert also relies on the know-how expertise of Seniorscopie, the Generations & Lifestyles department research institute, as well as Seniorscopie.com, the weekly bilingual letter by Notre Temps.