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Bayard Canada Books

Bayard Canada Books publishes a great set of books conceived by childhood specialists, to help both younger and older kids develop their reading. Be you parents, grand-parents, in education or librarian, you will surely live great moments of happiness with our publications.

The teams at Bayard Canada Books Canada work tirelessly to stir interest in children about the world around them and satisfy their natural curiosity about life. It is essential to develop a taste for reading among children as early as birth. Bayard Canada's books and magazines are formidable tools to succeed in these endeavours.

In July 2004 Bayard Canada acquired Banjo Publications.

Banjo Publications was founded in 1984 by Mr Michel Luppens and were known at the time as 'Les Éditions du Raton Laveur' or Raccoon Publishing. They published two important youth album collections : 'The Raccoon' and 'The little living world'. The Raccoon collection that targets children between 3 and 9 years of age, is well known and appreciated by children and parents alike. The collection compiles almost 100 illustrated albums that catch the attention of children, giving them a taste for reading and developing their imagination. A number of the titles in these collections were awarded prizes over the years, among which the prestigious M. Christie prize. Many authors and illustrators well known in the children's literature made their first steps with Banjo.