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Magazines in France


La Croix - Donnons de la valeur au quotidien (Giving value to our daily lives)
Daily newspaper created in 1883
Broadcast (2007) : 105 216 copies
Editor : Dominique Quinio
Chief Sub-Editors : François Ernenwein, Dominique Greiner, Guillaume Goubert, Pierre Allais, Florence Couret, Jean-Christophe Ploquin.


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Pèlerin - L'hebdo du quotidien (The weekly on daily life)
Weekly news magazine created in 1873
Broadcast (2007) : 267 464 copies
Editor : Bruno Guérini

Chief Sub-Editors : Catherine Lalanne, Antoine d'Abbundo


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Training and Catechism

Les Cahiers Croire - A Christian magazine for spiritual development and training
Bimonthly magazine animated by Jesuits
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 10 515 copies
Chief Editor : Sophie de Villeneuve

A useful aid in living one's faith today, Croire Aujourd'hui brings you signs find the intelligence of faith around you. The publications ambition is to help each asses where he/she is and anchor his/her faith before deepening it.
Every month, 48 pages and a special issue through the year.

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Children's magazine for religious awakening

Pomme d'Api Soleil (for the 5-8 age group) - A child's awakening to faith : questions answered
Bimonthly created in 1989
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 20 000 copies
Head of the Early Childhood section : Agnès Rochefort-Turquin
Chief Editor : Sophie Furlaud

Pomme d'Api Soleil website

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Filotéo (for the 8-13 age group)
Bimonthly for children that ask questions about the world and God
New formula of Grain de Soleil.
Monthly created in 1988
Broadcast (from the publisher 2007) : 21 237 copies
Head of the Childhood section : Agnès Rochefort-Turquin
Editorial manager : Marie-Agnès Gaudrat-Pourcel

Filotéo website

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Prions en Eglise Junior
(from 8 years of age)
To follow mass like the grown ups
Bimonthly created in 2004
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 26 154 copies
Head of the Childhood section : Agnès Rochefort-Turquin
Chief Editors : Emmanuelle RĂ©mond-Dalyac

Prions en Eglise Junior website

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Panorama - Finding God
Monthly created in 1957
Broadcast (from the publisher 2007) : 62 365 copies
Managing Editor : Christophe Chaland

Alive, concrete and practical, Panorama is a space for spiritual nourishment and challenges one to live the Gospel every day. This magazine decrypts the sings of our complex world and invites you on an internal adventure. Every month readers will find, an great interview, an investigation, a renowned signature, and of course some spiritual space.

Find Panorama on www.croire.com

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Church Service

Prions en Eglise - The Monthly of daily prayer
French Edition created in 1987
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 464 025copies
Chief Editor : Karem Bustica

Prions en Eglise website

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Signes d'aujourd'hui - Preparing Sunday Service
Bimonthly created in 1975
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 31 896 copies
Chief Editor : Dominique Pierre

Signes d'aujourd'hui brings its readers a concrete help and method, to prepare Sunday Mass : an explanation of the the day's biblical readings, with guides for commentary and meditation, advice on how practicing rites, as well as paths to follow for to animate the Sunday's service, for both adults and children. Created for both personal and group use, this publication is the prime tool for anyone organising Sunday service.

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Signes Musiques - To sing with the congregation
Bimonthly created in 1990
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 12 461 copies
Chief Editor : Dominique Pierre

Signes Musiques offers its selection of quality hymns to that will appropriately accompany the liturgical calendar.
Every two months this magazine will bring hymns accompanied with the musical score for both flute and organ as well as indicators to help you choose them. It's the ideal complement to Signes d'aujourd'hui. As an option to your subscription, the Cédésignes (6 issues a year) will help you choose by offering you CDs with the recording of 10 of the hymns in Signes d'aujourd'hui who's score are in Signes Musiques.

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Culture, religious history and theology

Le Monde de la Bible - History, art and archaeology
Magazine created in 1977
8 issues per year (+ Special Issues)
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 19 111 copies

Le Monde de la Bible website

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La Documentation catholique - Get to know the Churches teaching
Bimonthly created in 1910
Broadcast (from publisher 2007) : 9 811 copies
Chief Editor : Jean-François Petit

La Documentation catholique website

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SER (Société d'Edition de Revues)

The SER (Société d'Édition de Revues), borne from the merging of Bayard and Assas publications, publishes two jesuit magazines : Études ('Study' a monthly cultural magazine) and Christus (termly magazine on spiritual development).