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Milan Jeunesse

To stay as close as possible to all our readers, anticipate their wishes, meet their needs. To marvel with them at the wonders of the world, be with them through the essential adventures of their lives. To open new horizons, to surprise them. An acknowledged publisher with 15 magazines for children and 5 territorial magazines for adults, Milan publishes for the general public as well. Milan turned multimedia into an exciting chance to diversify its know-how, with its characteristic demand for quality, manifest in its recently launched Almanakmag.com and Alm@nak, a totally bi-media publication for the 8-12 age group.

  • 15 magazines
  • 4 million readers

Milan Jeunesse's leading trade mark :

Wapiti, the Nature magazine
535,000 readers
www.wapitimag.com, nature and science
Book collections

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