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Bayard has been in Asia for over 30 years now. The first subsidiary in Asia opened in Hong-Kong in 1977. Its first publication, Little Red Apple, was inspired by Pomme d'Api. Five children's magazines are published by Bayard Asia today employing approximately 20 people.

Asian expansion continues as Bayard has opened subsidiaries in Shanghai (September 2006) and Ho Chi Minh City (April 2007). Many partnerships have been signed with many first rate publishers in the region giving birth to the Chinese editions of Pomme d'Api, Images Doc, Enfant Magazine, Terre Sauvage, I Love English Junior, Astrapi, and Popi.

In Taiwan, Bayard is present with Popi (since June 2006) and Pomme d'Api (March 2008). Bayard's comic hero for children, Sam Sam, is also broadcast on both Hong-Kong and Taiwanese television.

Bayard has contracted distributors for their English language youth publications on the Singaporean, Indonesian and Filipino markets.

Bayard Asia
Deputy General Manager : Tatiana Joly

Hong Kong : Bayard Asia
General Manager : Michael Ren

Youth Publications :
Little Toy Car, Little Red Apple, Red Apple, White Antelope, I love English Junior
Chinese versions of Popi, Pomme d'Api, Mes premiers J'aime Lire/Youpi, Astrapi, I Love English Jr.

Shanghai : Bayard Consulting Co Ltd
Editorial Manager : Daisy Liang

Enfant Magazine
Publisher : Beijing Publishing House, under licence

Pomme d'Api
Publisher : Hangzhou Juveniles and Children's Publishing House, under licence

Images Doc
Publisher : Shanghai Juveniles and Children's Publishing House, under licence

Terre Sauvage
Publisher : Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group, under licence (launched in January 2007)

I Love English Junior
Publisher : Jiangsu Juveniles and Children's Publishing House, under licence (launched in January 2007)

Publisher : Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House, under licence (launched in January 2007)

Publisher : 21st Century Publishing House (launched in January 2008)