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Sailer (Allemagne)

In May 2008, Bayard's international development was reinforced in Germany with the acquisition of the magazine division of Weltbild, in partnership with the Roularta Group. This division includes Sailer, publisher of 7 magazines for children and young readers (ages 7-12), with a sales network firmly established in schools.

Sailer, recently acquired by Bayard, is a reknowned educational publisher in Germany. Its flagship magazine, Stafette, has been launched 60 years ago ! Since then, 9 other magazines have been launched, for children aged 3 to 12, for their parents or their teachers. The goal is to have an open view on the world, to answer questions about nature, history, science and techniques and give educational activities to children.

Almost all the distribution is made through schools where Sailer has an excellent reputation. Sailer magazines are supported by "Stiftung Lesen", an active institution promoting reading among teachers, libraries, media... Sailer is currently diversifying its activities with teaching material, internet and plans to launch new projects on the the German market with the help of the Group Bayard.