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North American Publication


Bayard is present in the States in the publishing industry mainly through the trademark Twenty-Third, acquired in 1999. This trademark, born after Vatican II, is extremely strong among American parishes. Its catalogue includes all facets of the pastoral (catechism, spirituality, etc.) and provides tools to those who want to understand and develop their faith. Twenty-Third also publishes academic titles and daily meditation leaflets for Lent and Advent, as well as children books. Certain titles from the catalogue, such as Catholic Custom and Tradition, have been sold at over a million copies. The Twenty-Third trademark, with over 500 titles and 40 new releases every year, is also available through bookstores.


Bayard Canada is a publisher and distributor. With the Novalis trademark, Bayard Canada is the leader in both French and English religious publications, particularly in the fields of liturgy, prayer, spirituality, catechetical publications, religious education and personal development. In 2002, over sixty titles were published by Novalis covering all major sectors of the junction between culture and religion. As distributor, Bayard Canada has greatly contributed to the success of the Bayard Bible in Canada in 2001 and 2002. Bayard Canada sells and distributes over forty French, American, English, and Australian publishers.