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Salon for Seniors

Vivir 50 Plus is the Salon for Seniors organised by Bayard Revistas in Madrid with the CEOMA, the main organisation of retirees in the country.

Chaired by a prestigious honours committee : HRH the King of Spain (chairman), the Spanish Minister for Health, the Spanish Minister for Work and Social Affairs, the President of the Madrid region, the Mayer of Madrid, the committee hosts over 12,000 visitors visiting 77 stalls and participate in 30 conferences and 20 workshops.

Salon's website

Salon for the Family

The Conmishijos Salon is a salon for the family created in 2007 by Bayard Revistas, it's target audience are 2-14 year olds and their parents. It is the first such salon in Spain.

This salon was created in partnership with www.conmishijos.com with "What to do with my children this weekend ?" theme. The website's goal is to become the prime reference when dealing with both indoor activities and field trips. Experts on the family, upbringing, health and leisure are there to share their expertise with parents.

For it's launch in 2007, the salon's two main themes were : "Developing a child's taste for reading" and "Fighting child obesity through sport and proper nutrition". Animations were organised around the Bayard stands, readings, drawing lessons, magic tricks, make up and face paint sessions etc. For parents, there were displays and conferences.

Salon's website